Mustard Small - Whole

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Mustard seeds enjoy the peppery, sweet-smelling rustic flavor and fragrance that mustard can add to your meals. These are very trendy ingredient in many regional cuisines. they are recognized to have several benefits since they are low in calories and high in dietary value and have a lot of antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.

Usage Suggestions : Mix mustard powder and water to form a paste and leave it for 10 minutes for the flavour to develop.

  Nutritional Facts

  • Calories-469kcal
  • Total Fat-0gKcal
  • Saturates-0gKcal
  • Trans Fat-0gKcal
  • Cholesterol-0mgKcal
  • Sodium-35gKcal
  • Carbohydrates-16gKcal
  • Fibre-6 gKcal
  • Sugar-62mgKcal
  • Protein-25gKcal
  • Vitamin A-0Kcal
  • Vitamin C-0Kcal
  • Calcium-50 mgKcal
  • Iron
  • 10 mgKcal