Wellspring Seed-o-Life

 Rs. 290
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Rs. 315

Superfood for modern lifestyle.
Perfect blend of 5 power packed natural seeds used with minimum of processing. Contains Flaxseeds, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, White & black Sesame seeds.

  • Best Omega3 from a vegan source.
  • Best possible soluble & insoluble fibre.
  • Contains best known source for Vitamin E & Selenium.
  • Excellent source for Tryptophan & Zinc.
  • Natural cholesterol-buster.
  • Excellent for digestive health.
  • Highly recommended for weight-watchers.
  • Beneficial for diabetics.
  • Excellent for skin, hair, bone & mental health.
  • 100% natural food with loads of nutrients.

Perfect anti-dote to junk food laden with refined sugars, trans fats and empty calories.