Organic Desi Cow Ghee

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Desi Ghee- Pure Cow Ghee

Our Organic Ghee is made with 100% organic butter from grass-fed cows on small family farms in India. Silky smooth and luscious, our Ghee is the real deal!

Ghee is made by simmering butter over low heat and removing the milk solids as they form. The result is a delicious, creamy spread great for baking, sauteing and frying

Ghee has been given the cherished title of “Aasayana” in Ayurveda pre-eminent herbs and foods that help overall health, longevity and well-being. Ayurveda considers ghee the ultimate cooking oil, harmonizing the mind, body and spirit with a diverse range of benefits listed in the ancient texts.

Absorption: Ghee is an integral component in the science of Ayurvedic herbal formulation. As an oil, Ghee bonds with lipid-soluble nutrients and increases the potency of certain herbs by carrying the active components into the cells for effective assimilation.

Preservative: Ghee does not spoil easily, and preserves the original freshness and potency of herbs and foods without requiring refrigeration.

*Digestion: *Ayurvedic texts say that Ghee helps balance excess stomach acid, and helps maintain and repair the mucus lining of the stomach.

Ayurvedic Balance: Ghee balances both Vata (the Ayurvedic mind/body operator that controls movement in mind and body) and Pitta (the operator that controls heat and metabolism).

Mild Burns: Like aloe, Ghee is said to prevent blisters and scarring if applied quickly to affected skin.

Mind: Ghee is said to promote all three aspects of mental functioning -- learning, memory and recall.

Ghee Provides the Right Kind of Fat: It is generally recognized that certain fats are essential for health. A totally fat-free diet can actually accelerate aging of the skin, nerves and brain cells. Without an adequate quantity of the right kind of fat in the diet, cell regeneration can be adversely impacted. Fats are needed for efficient absorption of crucial lipid-soluble vitamins such as A, E, D and K. The stomach lining, which protects the stomach from the acids it secretes to help break down foods, needs fat to maintain a healthy coating. Similarly, cholesterol in the body serves functions that are crucial to health, such as building cell membranes, and hormone and bile balance. It is only when cholesterol is damaged that harmful free radicals can lead to clogged arteries and heart problems.

Ghee imparts the benefits of the best essential fatty acids without the problems of oxidized cholesterol, Trans fatty acids or hydrogenated fats. Ghee is also resistant to free radical damage and is both salt and lactose free.

Ghee as a Safe Versatile Cooking Medium: Ghee has an excellent aroma and is so flavorful that you can use half or two-thirds as much as other cooking oils! With a high temperature burning point, Ghee doesn't burn or smoke during cooking and combines excellently with a wide variety of spices.