Citronella Oil

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It is an excellent insect and mosquito repellent.Useful for oily skin,excessive perspiration and extensively used in floor wash.

Citronella oil is a popular essential oil extracted from  a certain type of lemon grass. The oil, taken out has a sweet and refreshing aroma .Citronella oil is a natural dewormer. It can eradicate harmful organisms .It is a natural detoxifier that helps our body get rid of harmful toxic materials and sometimes, prevents them from being active in our body. The oil is diaphoretic by nature, which increases sweating in our body and facilitates detoxification. It is a great pain reliever. Be it muscle pain or joint pain.Citronella oil has great anti-inflammatory properties. It offers calming and soothing effects.Citronella also has strong antiseptic, anti-microbial ,and anti-fungal properties.  It is good insect repellent.

Citronella oil blended with beeswax effectively and safely repels mosquitoes and other insects. It has a mild and soothing fragrance .

Directions for use: To be used externally on exposed body parts. Apply a thin film of the balm on exposed skin to keep away mostiquitoes and insects .